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0E3557 - Canister Air Filter
029333A Generac Tie Wrap UL 7.4" X 0.19" Black
045761A Stud M8-1.25/10MM X 30 G5 Zinc
048031C Generac Clamp, 1/4" Hose Red
070185DS Oil Filter Black 75 Long
078699B Sleeve Dowel Pin 12 Dia.
078699C Sleeve Dowel Pin Dia. 14
082121A Clip, J Vinyl Coat 0.375
084409D Generac Sleeving, Flexo HW3/4" 3"
0A2702 Regulator, Voltage (20A)
0A5992 Washer, Shakeproof Int M8 SS
0A7811 Spool, Governor Machined
0C2229 Generac Valve, Intake
0C2976 Screw HHFC M8-1.25 X 65
0C2977 Gasket, Crank Case
0C2978 Generac Gasket, Head
0C2979 Gasket, Valve Cover
0C2981F Cover, Rocker No Oil Fill
0C2983 Generac Shaft, Governor
0C2985A Roller Bearing, Governor Plate
0C2985B Roller Bearing, Governor
0C2987 Gear, Governor
0C2988 Thrust Washer, Governor
0C2989 Pin, Governor Flyweight
0C2991 E-Ring, Governor Arm
0C2992 Bushing, Governor Lower
0C2993 Seal, Governor Shaft
0C2994 Screen, Oil Pickup
0C2995 Generac Gerotor, Inner
0C2996 Generac Gerotor, Outer
0C2997 Cover, Gerotor
0C3005 Gasket, Breather Cover
0C3006 Screw, HHFC M10-1.5 X 55
0C3009 Generac Spring, Oil Relief
0C3010 Ball, 1/2D Oil Relief
0C3011 Cover, Oil Relief
0C3018 Wrapper, Upper Cylinder #1
0C3019 Wrapper, Lower Cylinder #1
0C3031 Fan, Flywheel Nylon
0C3032 Plate, Fan GTH990
0C3033 Washer, M24
0C3034 Generac Nut, Hex M24
0C3043 Gasket, Intake Port GT990
0C4138 Gasket, Exhaust Port
0C4147 Generac Pulse, Impulse
0C5136 Knob, Air Cleaner
0C5371 Generac Washer, Valve Spring
0C5372 Assembly, Breather
0C57320SRV Assembly, Sump with Sleeve
0C5943 Seal, Oil Passage
0C7292 Nipple, 3/4-16 UNF
0C8566 Screw, HHFC M6-1.0 X 20 G8.8
0C8808 Generac Hook, Lifting
0C91820SRV Assembly, Flywheel with LC MAG FRNT PTO
0C9763 Nut, Grommet 1/4 Plug
0C9764 Screw, Plastite 1/4-15 X 3/4
0D1142A Wrapper, Lower Cylinder #2
0D1143 Wrapper, Upper Cylinder #2
0D1366 Generac Bushing, Governor Rod
0D1667 Generac Arm, Governor
0D2274 Generac Retainer, Valve Spring
0D3867 Generac Spring, Valve
0D3876 Washer, Flat M5
0D3959A Adaptor, Carburetor/Airbox
0D3998 Nut, Hex M8-1.0 G8 YEL CHR
0D40100ESV Gasket Kit
0D40150SRV Oil Relief Kit
0D4026 Generac Gasket, Carburetor to Adaptor
0D4190 Flyweight, Governor (Light)
0D4788 Plug, STD Pipe 3/8 Steel
0D5313 Generac Rocker Arm
0D6024 Generac Plate, Push Rod Guide
0D6026 Generac Lift Hook-Starter
0D6027 Bracket, Fuel Pump
0D6147 Screw, HHC M6-1.0 X 10
0D6257 Generac Assembly, Governor Rod
0D6311 Bracket, Throttle
0D6342 Generac Ball Stud
0D6655 Assembly, Oil Check and Fill GTV
0D7115 Screw, #10 Sheet Metal
0D7477C Assy, Rocker Cover with Barb
0D7815A Assy, Rotating Screen Guard
0D8067A Assembly, Head #1 - Superseded to 0H1760ASRV
0D8067B KIT HD ASSY CYL#2 GT-999 20KW - Superseded to 0H1760BSRV
0D8559 Generac Rod, Choke
0D94190SRV Generac Assembly, Sump Kit
0D9684A Generac Screen, Rotating
0D9784 Generac Nut, Lock M3-0.5
0D9853D Generac Pushrod, 147
0D9863 Rod, Idle Speed Adjustment
0D9999 Generac Assembly, Idle Speed Adust Rod
0E0136A Hood, Inlet
0E0486 Screw SHC M10-1.5 X 75 G10.9
0E05530SRV Assembly, Idle Speed Support Bracket
0E1150 Spring, Governer
0E1466 Pin, Piston 20 Dia X 48 Long
0E1644 Screw, BHSC M6-1.0 X 12
0E1680 Generac Clamp, Hose Band #32 1.563-2.5
0E27430SRV Governor Kit Assembly
0E29500SRV Piston Kit
0E29850ESV Generac Piston Kit
0E2990 Bracket, Air Clear Support
0E3146 Spacer, Rotating Screen Guard
0E3222 Assembly, Connecting Rod GT-760
0E3223 Assembly, Connecting Rod GT-990
0E3273 Screen C'case Breather GTV
0E3372A Separator, Oil Breather GTV
0E3502A Support, Muffler RH
0E3502B Support, Muffler LH
0E3656 -Generac Engine Precleaner Canister Air Filter
0E4190 Generac Clamp, 3/16" Coated Cable
0E42710ESV Generac Starter
0E4326 Hose, Air Cleaning GTV990/760
0E43550SRV Breather Assembly Kit
0E4356J Assembly, Crankshaft GTV-760 L&G 1-1/8
0E4357J Assembly, Crankshaft GTV-990 L&G 1-1/8"
0E49970ESV Assembly, Ground Wire
0E49970ESV Assembly, Ground Wire - Superseded to 0E49970ESV (COPY)
0E5113 Washer, Nylon 0.375" ID.
0E5139 Generac Screw, HHFC with Shoulder M6-1.0 X 8
0E5343 Nut Lock Fl-Serrated M10-1.50
0E5551 Solenoid, Fuel Shut Off
0E6037A Generac Sparkplug
0E6043 Screw, THTT M5-0.8 X 8 ZP
0E7887A Assembly, Flat Dipstick GTV990 L&G
0E8388 Generac Nut, hex Fl Whiz M6-1.0
0E9210 Screw, HHC M5-0.8 X 12 with Nylon
0E9506 Cooler, Oil GT-990/760
0F0106 Fuel Filter
0F0462 Nut, Hex with Tooth M8-5/16
0F0830 Switch, Oil Pressure Normally Open
0F0911 VS Wire Harness
0F1150 Housing, Conn Parkard 56 Series
0F1153B Stator, Outline with Lugs-14.25"
0F1155A Assembly, Fuse Wire with Ring Lug
0F1169E Housing, Blower Vertical Gasline
0F1177 Assembly, Ground Wire - Superseded to 0E49970ESV
0F1316 Generac Hose, Breather
0F1932 Solenoid, Fuel Shut Off
0F2094 Screw, PPHM M3-0.5 X SEMS
0F4878 Nut, Hex Fl Whiz #10-32
0F5467 Nut, Hex M8-1.25 Yellow CHR
0F5579 Generac Screw HHC with Shoulder M5-0.8 X 20
0F6263 Generac Pulse, Impulse
0F7642 Cleaning, Air with Mounting Band
0F8908 Muffler, GTV990/760 Right Side
0F9124 Carburetor Overhaul Kit
0F9125 Carburetor Bowl Gasket Kit
0F9176 Generac Hose, 1/4 ID SAE30R7 Setiflex Barrier
0F93380SRV Generac Carburetor, Two Barrel GTV-760
0G0286 Hose, 3/8 ID X 6" LG SAE J30R9
0G0510 Generac Gasket, Manifold to Carburetor
0G0926 Screw, HHFCS M6-1.0 X 16 G8.8
0G2009 Carburetor Overhaul Kit
0G2010 Carburetor Bowl Gasket Kit
0G25650SRV Ring Set, Piston 90 Dia
0G3110 Generac M6-1.0 X 20
0G3662 Clamp, Hose Oetiker Stepless 17mm
0G3662A Generac Clamp, Hose Oetiker 14.5 Dia.
0G3730A Generac Screw, SHC M8-1.25 X 30LG Sems
0G4928C Plate, Backing with Reg. Cutout Zinc
0G5420 Bracket, Support Governor Adjust
0H1760ASRV Assembly, Head #1
0J8892 Generac Manifold, Intake GTV
0K0989 Piston, Dish Top Dia 90 Coated
14" Wheel Motor - 200014
14" Wheel Motor - 67114
18" Wheel Motor - 200018
18" Wheel Motor - 67118-W
24" Wheel Motor - 200024
24" Wheel Motor - 97363
2-Groove, 3-Hole Pulley Diesel - 97320
2-Groove, 6-Hole Pulley Diesel - 200102
2-Hole Front Fork - 100167
3 Gal. Gas Tank - 401804
3 Gal. Gas Tank - 40204-1 (Use 401804)
4 Gal. Gas Tank - 400450
7 Gal. Gas Tank - 400451
900555 Generac Rocker Arm (COPY)
900576 Generac Assembly, Sump Kit
Adapter Plate - 400389
Amsoil Oil Filter - 60119
Anti-Scalp Roller 5x2.75 - 300365
Armrest - 400333
Armrest Kit - 530016470
Armrest Kit - 902788
Assembly - Engaging Handle & Cable DUP-97303
Bearing Conversion Kit (Large) - 900339
Bearing Conversion Kit (Small) - 900340
Blade Bolt .625"18"x2.5" - B-121
Blade Bolt .625"x18"x3" - B-121-L
Blade Bolt .625"x18"x3.25" - B-121-LL
Blade Spacer .25" - W-182
Blade Spacer .5" - 30242
Blade Spacer .75" - 30242-34
Blower Engaging Spring - BLPDF018
Bolt 5/8-11X5 - B-278
Bolt 5/8-11X9 - B-255
Bolt 5/8-11X9-1/2 - B-146
Bolt Flange Bearing Diesel - 600168
Bottom Bearing (Front Fork) - 97171
Brake Band - 65244
Brake Cable (Long/RH) - 65247
Brake Cable (Short/LH) - 65246
Brake Handle Spring - 400090
Brake Tension Spring - 400096
Brigg's Fuel Filter - 900803
Briggs Muffler - 600313
Briggs Muffler - 600556 (COPY)
Brigg's Oil Filter - 900862
Brush & Grass Deflector 60" - 900085
Brush & Grass Deflector 72" - 900086
Cast Iron Pulley 4"ODx1"ID - 30220-50
Cast Iron Pulley 4.75"ODx1" - 30220-60
Cast Pulley 5.25"ODx1"Bore - 97176
Cast Pulley 6" f/ 60" Deck - 68222
Cast Pulley 7" f/ 72" Deck - 68223
Caster Fork Run-Behind - 400138
Cat Diesel Muffler - 600169
Cat Diesel Wiring Harness - 500078
Cat Fuel Filter - 902132
Cat Oil Filter - 220-1523
Center Top Pulley 5.25" - 300511
Choke Cable (Hon/Kaw) - 600002
Choke Cable 63" - 600072
Classic/Xcaliber/SE Wiring Harness - 500081
Clutch Chain link - 100236
Clutch Pigtail - 500062
Damper Conversion Kit - 200235
Deck Cable (Diesel) - 990597303
Deck Cable Assembly (Diesel) - 97303
Deck Center Top Pulley 9" - 300364
Deck Engaging Handle - 30212
Deck Engaging Spring (com) - 30207-S
Deck Engine Rod - 97343
Deck Kit Pulley 3.5" - 0-06-144-0282-0
Deck Lift Spring (Large LT) - 300088
Deck Lift Spring (Small LT) - 300087
Deck Lift Spring 72" - 97456
Deck Lift Wiring Harness - 500040
Deck Pulley 4" - 0-06-144-0279
Deck Pulley 4.5" - 30220-50V
Deck Pulley f/ Adapter Kit 4.5" - 0-06-144-0281
Deck Roller 3.75" - 67240
Deck Roller 7.5" - 30240-O
Deck Roller w/ Bearing 3.75" - 98026
Deck Roller w/ Bearing 7.5" - 98025
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